Punchy Asian flavours enjoyed in the rainforest setting of our Sunshine Coast Hinterland retreat

Enjoy a delightful breakfast in our peaceful rainforest surroundings.
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A relaxed celebration of fresh, imaginative Modern Asian cuisine.
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A journey through the creative expression of Daniel Jarrett and his team.
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Food allergies and dietary requirements

When booking at The Tamarind Restaurant, it is important that health-related allergies are clearly communicated at the time of booking. All health needs should be shared with The Tamarind team 72 hours before arrival, ensuring our Chefs have sufficient lead time to prepare appropriate alternatives.

The philosophy of our restaurant is to take our guests on a culinary journey that showcases Head Chef Dan’s passion for Modern Asian Food. As a result, we are unable to alter menu items to account for personal taste or preferences.
Coeliac and dairy
The menu is almost entirely gluten and dairy free.
Shellfish and seafood
Thai cuisine uses fish sauce as one of the main forms of seasoning, though there are options for those with an aversion or allergy to anything from the sea.
Nut allergies
For those with allergies, we can easily avoid using nuts in our dishes, though please be aware that nuts are present in the kitchen.
Thai cooking involves plenty of onion and garlic. We would not recommend The Tamarind to anyone with a fructose intolerance, or anyone following a strict FODMAP diet.